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Case Studies

Blocked Stormwater Jetting At The Port Of Geelong

Geelong Blocked Stormwater Drains

We received an enquiry via our website about blocked stormwater drainage at The Port of Geelong. One of the building’s large stormwater pits in the carpark was constantly overflowing and causing damage to the front of the property. We arranged for one of our local Geelong Plumbers to do an onsite consultation and drainage inspection to work out the cause of the issue. While onsite Pete located excess dirt, rocks and leaves in the service blocking not only the main pit but also the discharge point in the street. He recommended Hydro jetting the stormwater system and follow with our CCTV camera to inspect the integrity of the stormwater service and map the locations and all drainage points on the property. This helps with inspecting the service for any internal damage or further blockages and to provide an accurate quotation for repairs if required.

Arrival On Site

The booking was made for the following Friday when most of the office were working from home, which allowed our team to operate the hydro jetting equipment safely and have full access to the entire site.

Our team arrived at the allocated booking time of 9.00am, unloaded our Hydro-Jet trailer, locating equipment and drainage camera and got to work. Peter & Loc, two of our Geelong drainage specialists started by marking out the area with safety signs and bollards, then moved onto disconnecting the downpipes and cleaning out the drainage pits for the Hydro jet to have full access to the entire stormwater system.

Bay Plumbing and Drainage vehicle parked on site during a commercial service call in Geelong.

Hydro Jetting the Service

Starting in the main carpark and moving onto the downpipe locations, Peter began systematically jetting the 225mm stormwater service to the pit locations on each corner of the building. Followed by Loc with the drainage camera, inspecting the service for broken pipes and any tree roots in the stormwater system. Just before the second pit Peter was getting some resistance and dirt flowing into the next pit, so the team sent our drain camera through the service and located a break in the pipe where tree roots were entering. After changing the Hydro-jet head and approaching it from the second pit they were able to blast the drain clear and then clear the debris from the pit. It was then camera inspected again and they used the drainage locater to spot mark the point on the ground ready to be flagged for repair.

All pits were cleared, and the entire service was flushed through to the drainage culvert before documenting the location of the below ground service, re-connecting the downpipes and cleaning up the site.

CCTV footage of a blocked drain in Geelong with a visible nest of roots causing obstruction taken from Bay Plumbing and Drainage.
One of Bay Plumbing and Drainage's plumber in action clearing a sewer grate of debris to prevent blockages in Geelong.


We provided the clients with a fully designed drainage schematic along with the CCTV footage and a detailed quote with the required drainage design & repairs.

Our Highly experienced Geelong plumbing team are experts in drainage maintenance, repairs, and new stormwater installations. We pride ourselves on delivering great service while providing honest advice with clear recommendation on drainage service upgrades and repairs. Our clients can then make informed decisions about the most cost effective and best solution for their property and know that the Bay Plumbing & Drainage team will deliver the best possible outcome.

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