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We received an early call from Sarah in Belmont about a water leak at her front garden tap. She had noticed water spraying from the water meter and on investigating found a leak coming from the old tap connection. We instructed her on how to isolate the leak at the meter and dispatched one of our leading hands Mark for an emergency call out to attend within the hour.

Site Diagnosis

Firstly, he exposed the copper water line to the house and turned the service back on to locate the leak. Water began spraying from a damaged brass tee at the tap, so he removed the tap branch and installed a temp connection to perform a water pressure test to the property. The water pressure gauge was reading 850KPA and exceeded the required 500KPA to all residential properties in Victoria. We informed the client that it needed a pressure limiter installed on the service, to not only protect the fixtures and water supply lines inside the house but to make the water supply compliant for her home and contents insurance.

Water Meter Repairs

He started by installing a new right angle pressure limiting valve directly off the water meter assembly. The Thompson valves we use are factory set at 500KPA but have adjustment to raise or lower the pressure if required. This allows us to regulate the pressure to properties to bring it back within the required 500KPA range depending on supply pressure. A new branch was also installed to the water service for watering, servicing of the pressure limiting valve and meter if required by Barwon Water.


By installing the new pressure limiting valve on the water service the Bay Plumbing & Drainage team we’re able to make sure the client was not only protected from damage to her taps, water supply lines and fixtures but that her plumbing system was compliant for insurance if there was ever a burst connection inside the property. It’s not uncommon for Geelong homes to have high water pressure issues, which will cause damage to your property services, water leaks and eventually leads to burst pipes.

If your property has high water pressure issues the Bay Plumbing & Drainage team offer free home inspections, advise and recommendations to give you peace of mind and assurance that your homes plumbing systems are not only protected but also compliant.

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