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Case Studies

Armstrong Creek No Hot Water

No Hot Water In Armstrong Creek

Bay Plumbing & Drainage received a call from David on Saturday about no hot water and a dripping sound coming from the roof of his Armstrong Creek home. He had noticed water discharging from only his stormwater connection in the street the day prior when he had left for work but thought nothing of it. We scheduled Lachlan an experienced Geelong Hot Water Plumber to investigate the issue.

Arrival On Site

Being on call over the weekend Loc was able to respond to the Geelong Hot water emergency within the hour! On testing the unit he found that the Gas boosted solar Hot water system didn’t show any faults and wasn’t leaking around the tank, so he checked the roof solar collector. The roof mounted solar panel had cracked in multiple spots and was leaking, which was then discharging water into the gutters and stormwater system on the street.

He showed David with a video taken of the leaking panel and ran through the available options for plumbing repairs. Initially the client thought the whole system might require a full replacement but was assured that the panel was the only thing that required attention and was relieved and confident that this was the most cost effective and best option.

We provided a quote on the spot with a fully itemised break down of the work and costs involved which was accepted, so it was on to the replacing the damaged solar panel.

Rooftop solar water heater system installed by Bay Plumbing and Drainage in Geelong, showing signs of wear and maintenance needs.

Solar Panel Replacement & Repair

Our team have full access to a large supplier inventory, backed by our onboard iPad. This allows us to provide quick checks of available stock and its location throughout the state.

Lachlan located the replacement solar panel at one of our suppliers in South Melbourne and was able to arrange a courier for transport to Armstrong Creek to arrive on site within a few hours.

He also arranged for Mark one of our 2nd year apprentices to drop off an elevated work platform from our depot so they could perform the work safely. They disconnected the damaged solar panel, removed it from the roof and replaced all the connections from the solar flow and return lines. When the replacement panel arrived, it was installed, along with a new frost prevention valve, to prevent the new panel from damage on cold mornings in the future.

Commissioning the Hot Water System

  • The team flushed the solar flow & return lines prior to connecting the new solar collector to the roof and hot water service, along with a new sensor cable to the storage tank before performing a final pressure test.
  • We also replaced the isolation and Pressure limiting valves on the gas boosted storage unit
  • Tested the circulating pump for normal operation and checked the temperature at the fixtures inside, to make sure it was compliant.

Another Happy Customer

David was happy with the fast response and quick turn around from the Bay Plumbing & Drainage team especially over the weekend, which he relayed online leaving us a glowing Google review!

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