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Case Studies

Herne Hill Stormwater Drainage

Leaking Storm Water Drainage In Herne Hill

Bay Plumbing & Drainage received a call from Joe, a new client in Herne Hill, for a water leak in the basement of her home. She previously had another Geelong plumber look at the issue and they located a blocked stormwater drain directly outside the room that had overflowed and caused the internal water leak in the basement. The plumber had cleared the blocked drain by jetting it clear which seemed to solve the problem.

But after the recent rain, the room showed signs of water ingress again, so Joe contacted Bay Plumbing & Drainage Geelong to investigate. We sent Blake an experienced storm water drainage plumber to investigate and resolve the plumbing issue.

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Arrival On Site

Blake arrived onsite at the scheduled time of 7.30 am,

  assessed the leaking area,

  devised a plan,

  began fully documenting the plumbing repair work for the owner and insurance company.


He first checked the basement for water ingress and noticed that the plaster was wet at the bottom directly behind the downpipe point outside. After exposing the wall cavity, he also found that the wall frame showed signs of mould and water damage to the timber.

Thermal Leak Detection Camera

First job was to use our thermal leak detection camera to inspect the entire room and narrow down the source of the leak. Our infrared camera helps detect and display a temperature difference in the surrounding area and help to locate leaks. He received a strong reading along one complete side of the room.

CCTV Drain Inspection

Next was to camera inspect the entire stormwater drainage from the street using our Ridgid drain camera and service locator.

Bingo! He located a 5mtr broken section of earthenware drainage under the concrete directly behind the wall. The drainage camera showed clear images of cracks along the whole wall of the drain right next to the room and with the help of our drainage locator he was able to pinpoint the exact spot where the cracks were located.

Providing the Home Drainage Report and Quote

After locating the broken drainage Blake finalised the detailed drainage report for the owner, provided Joe with the CCTV drain footage and the still images from the thermal imaging camera. Along with a detailed and itemised fixed quote of the drainage repair works required.

On accepting our quote, it was on to the drainage repairs!

Exposed drainage pipe undergoing repair by Bay Plumbing and Drainage in Geelong, showcasing expert plumbing services.

Drainage Excavation & Repairs

After isolating the area and installing the temp fencing for works it was on to cutting the concrete and jackhammering up the slab to expose the old drainage. He found the damaged stormwater drainage and began to remove the section before prepping the area for the new 100mm UPVC drainage to be installed.

Installing the new PVC Drainage

He installed a new 5mtr section of 100mm drainage, connected it to the service drain, re-instated the Downpipe connection and the installed a Screened 90mm Agi drainage line on the footing for later connection to a pit. He also installed a new 100mm overflow point to the last connection approx. 2mtrs away from the house. The drainage was then compacted, and the CCTV drain camera was used to inspect the line was sound all the way to the street before cleaning up the site and disposing of the old drainage.
Professional drainage inspection setup by Bay Plumbing and Drainage in Geelong, featuring modern equipment.


Another happy customer! The team at Bay Plumbing & Drainage pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service and advise to all our clients. We build ongoing lifelong relationships with our valued customers and are available 24/7 to provide reliable and dependable plumbing and drainage solutions in and around Geelong.

If you need a plumber in Herne Hill give our friendly team a call on 1300 625 633 or message us directly on our online form for fast and professional plumbing & drainage solutions.

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